The day to day program of camp is essential to creating a positive experience for our campers. The daily sessions of Camp Metamorphosis Winnipeg range from prayer, to physical activities, to bonding activities with friends.

CHAPEL: Every day, our campers attend Matins and Vespers services in English. They are able to follow and participate in the liturgical life of the Church and ask questions from the priests.

SPORTS: Our campers participate in a variety of sports activities including soccer, volleyball, baseball, and many others.

AQUATICS: This year we are excited to bring you a whole new selection of water sports including: CANOEING, WAKE BOARDING, WATER SKIING, AND KAYAKING.

OTHER ACTIVITIES & SKILLS: Our campers have the opportunity to engage in many fun and educational camp programs NEW THIS YEAR such as: ROCK CLIMBING, HIKING, MOUNTAIN BIKING, ARCHERY, ARTS & CRAFTS.

ORTHODOX LIFE: For the first time, our campers are able to sit with young, Canadian born priests who speak their language and have grown up in the same communities. Orthodox Life is a time where youth can ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask without fear of judgement.

GREEK DANCE: Our campers also have the chance to learn Greek dance and culture and to listen to a variety of cultural music during the week they are at camp. This is an integral part of maintaining our heritage.